Nimmi Woods, Blue Mountains Civil Celebrant

It's All about relationships

Hi, my name is Nimmi and I'm a civil celebrant.

I was born in the UK and then a long time ago we did one of those family migrations to Sydney, Australia.  I live in a beautiful cottage in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales with my favourite person -  the man I married. We overlook a valley filled with native trees and birds. 

This place is my home and I love it here.

 I've worked with many families as an Early Childhood Teacher for the past 25 years and this has taught me the value of human connections. For me, relationships and finding out about people is what makes the world go round.

There are many different cultures running through my family tree and I love them all -  they give me an understanding of why we are all so different and why we need different  things. Working with couples and families to create a ceremony that is heart felt and true is my passion.

I am delighted by the Yes Vote. I genuinely believe this is the way forward for our country. The new legislation give us all the right to formalise our love and that prospect is to be truly celebrated!